Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Unexpected Hospital Visit...

26 Weeks and SHOWING it. Finally!

28 Weeks and BIGGER. Yeay!

"What a strange place for a ZIT!?"

Over the past few weeks I really have started to show a lot more. It seems like I blinked and BLAM! - there was the baby belly... but it's ok, it's kinda fun being all prego-lookin'-n-stuff.

But WILL tell you what is NOT fun. When the baby in your tummy sits on your kidney wrong causing you to go to the hospital and suffer in tremendous PAIN for three days!!! 

Yup. It happened. And I will never forget how frightened I was that my little kiddo was in trouble. But it turned out she was very okay... and after some good (and safe for baby) drugs, I was okay too. 

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