Monday, January 9, 2012

The Waiting Game...

Today as I write, I am officially 38 weeks along now... what does that mean? Welp, if she was born today, everything would be ok - though it is better that she stays in there until the January 21st due date. (for many selfish reasons) But at this point it really could happen whenever Mother Nature decides it's the day!

I had my last ultrasound last week to check her size and position and everything looks great! She's head down and ready to do a swan dive (with toes pointed just for you mom) into the world soon! They approximate that she is 6.9 lbs at this point, which amazes me they can actually even tell you that information anyway! 

So at this point in the pre-parental waiting game, we... welp... "sit"(not really) and wait. Wait for her to grace us with her cuteness! And we so much look forward to seeing who this little person is that is going to bring such amazing joy into our busy little lives! 

Her right foot! Much "fatter" than before! She must be eating her vegetables (& chocolate chip cookies)!

Bought these cute little shoozies for a pregnancy photo-shoot Travis and I are doing this Wednesday... can't wait for her to fill this little buggers!

Catching my Zzzzzz's where ever I can. I wish naps were had roll over minutes so I could cash in on them later!