Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome Avery Lynn Phillips!

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Guess I have been a little busy... being a new mommy for the past couple months. I just haven't fallen into a habit yet of making time for myself, let alone maintain my baby blog.

So as you can see (and most of you know by now) that we have had our little girl already! January 12th to be exact! A whole nine days early! So since then, we have been learning our way through parenthood with little sleep and loving every moment!

These days, thanks to my iPhone 4S, I am able to spend short stints of time "social networking" online and sharing photos daily on my Facebook page of my daily adventures with Avery. Due to my limited time, it is just easier... I hope to be able to post more to this blog as she grows but until then please follow me or friend me on Facebook (if you havent already) to see more of our little girlie pants!

Until next time, I am posting this little book I made of a collection of Avery's photoshoot the day she was born at the hospital in Seattle. Enjoy!