Saturday, December 17, 2011

34 Weeks & Packs a Real BIG Punch!

So, I realize that this may be a bit TMI for some of you... but THIS "too much information" video clip is something that I could watch over and over and over and over (oh wait, I already do!) - and can't wait to share with my kid when she gets old enough to understand how cool it really is.

You don't really have to watch closely, because it sticks out like 4", but watch for the flinging foot and karate chop kick! She almost kicked my eye out!

Totally fascinating.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tea for... Forty-Two

 "Tea for Two" anyone?... naw, but how 'bout FORTY TWO? 
Yup, November 13th was a day to remember indeed! My baby shower date had arrived and tea drinkers were out in full force! I was so touched by how many family and friends came out to celebrate this little miracle in my tummy - and for all the creativity that went into making such a perfect day. These are just a few pictures from the tea party... there were so many that I couldn't post them all, so click HERE to view the rest of the photos from THEE most memorable baby shower ever!

The beautiful tea cup keepsakes that I took home from the party... to be used with future girlie baby, doing girlie things, wearing girlie dresses, to our girlie tiny tea party for two.

A little prep work at home making party favors for the guests...  My dad misunderstood the "tie a bow on it" concept. Bow goes on the BAG dad, not yer lady's hair! - still never heard if anyone won any big money!? Leave a comment here on this blog post and tell us if you did!

A happy glowing mommy-to-be!

My daddy even showed up later to join in the silly girlie fun!

Grandma Connie filling out some helpful future advice cards for the mommy to be! Thanks for putting on such a wonderful party purdy lady!

Surrounded by friends and family... and PRESENTS! Lots 'o presents! Thanks everybody!

My mommy, Auntie Tracy (hostess with the most-est), and Gi Gi

30 weeks and so excited!

Tracy and a Deer caught in the headlights...
It has proven to be quite the challenge to keep posting news in November... sorry for the delay! But I can imagine that it's only going to get worse. SO much to do before baby arrives ~ More November stories to catch you up on soon - don't wanna overwhelm your inbox! 

Don't forget to check out the rest of the baby shower photos on CLICK HERE to view them now!