Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Signs of Life

Baby Phillips- approximately 5 weeks old (in womb years)  
June 7th, 2011 it's confirmed... we are definitely pregnant! We got to see this little precious life and even it's teeny tiny little heart pumping on this day. Totally amazing.

Also totally amazing that this little one was still attached to me even after doing so much scuba diving!!!

Now it begins - the days ahead... daydreaming, planning, worrying, reading, journaling, waiting, saving, eating, wondering, anticipating, laughing, sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping... and holy crap... SLEEPING! Boy was I tired.

In the days ahead, Travis and I decided that, like some couples, we were going to keep this a secret until it was safe to say that everything was healthy and progressing like a normal pregnancy should. We would share with family and friends next month... a long wait ahead to share such amazing news, but we wanted to be sure. So, that we did... let the daydreaming begin!

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